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Apostrophe Games

Werewolf The Party Game

Werewolf The Party Game

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  • Werewolves are terrorizing your village. You must find them and eliminate them as soon as possible. Each day you, the Villagers, will hold a town meeting to vote for a suspected Werewolf to eliminate. Get it right and you might survive. Get it wrong, and you’re in danger because every night the Werewolves come out to feed on another sleeping Villager...
  • Are You Up for the Challenge?: Players are secretly assigned the role of Werewolves or Villagers and do their best to eliminate the other team through their cunning use of bluffing and deceit. Simply addictive, exciting, and super fun, this board game will keep everyone on their toes!
  • New Amazing Characters and Old Favorites: Apostrophe Games’ Werewolf adds new, incredibly eye-catching roles not seen anywhere else. Roleplay as either standard werewolves or villagers, or one of many unique roles; Doctor, Seer, Alpha Wolf, Zombie Wolf, Sorcerer, Vigilante, Witch, Executioner, Hunter, Child, Druid, Sweethearts, Village Drunk, Masons, and Zombie.
  • The Hit of The Party: Whether for your next game night, for a fun party, at home, while traveling, on camping trips and more, Apostrophe Games’ Werewolf game will be the hit of any event! 7 players for small games and over 30+ players for larger games will keep you entertained for hours at a time!
  • Perfect for Kids and Adults: Our Werewolf card game comes with 42 total role cards so you will never play the same game twice. It is recommended for ages 13 and up. Games typically last between 10 and 30 minutes.
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