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Werewolf the Party Game

36 High quality cards in a Werewolf logo pouch. Perfect for your next Werewolf game. Each set comes with:

3 Werewolves

2 Doctors

2 Seers

20 Villagers (10 male, 10 female)

1 Witch

1 Hunter

1 Vigilante

1 Child

1 Sorcerer

3 Masons

1 Cheat sheet 



Werewolf Rules:

There are two teams, Werewolves and Villagers. And there are two phases, day and night. The Villagers win if they eliminate all the Werewolves and the werewolves win if they outnumber the Villagers.  First choose someone to be the moderator. The moderator hands out the cards and may either randomly assign roles or may choose what role each player gets.


Night Phase:

The moderator then tells everyone to go to sleep. All players lower their heads and close their eyes as to not see what happens next. The moderator then tells the Werewolf players to wake up. Those players that drew the Werewolf cards raise their heads quietly and see who else is on their team. The moderator then asks the Werewolves to point to the player they want to kill. The Werewolves quietly agree to and point to the player they wish to kill and after the moderator acknowledges their target, the moderator asks the Werewolves to go to sleep.


Day Phase:

The moderator tells everyone to wake up. The moderator then tells the group, by name, the player that was killed by the Werewolves. The moderator is encouraged to be creative and make a compelling story line for the players to follow. The remaining players then have to debate who they think the Werewolves are. The Werewolves will act, bluff, lie, and pretend not to be Werewolves as not to get caught. Everyone votes for one player to “lynch” or kick out of town. That player is eliminated and it’s up to the moderator if he/she wants to disclose that player’s role. The night phase comes again and the game keeps going until there are no Werewolves left or the Werewolves outnumber the Villagers.


Other Optional Roles:

Seer: a Villager who may identify one player each night. The moderator will let the Seer know if the chosen player is a Werewolf or not.  

Doctor: a Villager who may choose one player each night to save. The chosen player will not die if chosen by the Werewolf that night.  


Witch: a Villager who may, once per game, choose to kill one person at night (poison potion) and save one person from being killed (reanimation potion) by the Werewolves.


Sorcerer: aligned with the Werewolves, the Sorcerer may attempt to identify the Seer each night.


Child: a Villager who is allowed to spy as the Werewolves choose their victim; if discovered by the Werewolves, he dies of fright.


Vigilante: a Villager who kills every night in his own night-time phase. Optional rule: the moderator may choose to give the Vigilante a limited bullet supply.


Hunter: a Villager who, if killed, chooses another player to kill.


Mason: aligned with the Villagers, the Masons know the identity of all other Masons in the game. On the first night, the moderator should have the Masons open their eyes and recognize one another.  

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