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Mafia the Party Game Suggested Themes

Here are some of our favorite Mafia themes for you to try. Feel free to change them around to what ever works best for your players. Make sure your moderator really gets into the story! If you have a favorite theme of your own, let us know and we'll add it to our website.

Romeo and Juliet: The Montagues and Capulets are at war and Romeo and Juliet are caught in the middle. To represent the warring families, play with: 3 Mafia, 3 Rival Mafia, Bride, Groom, and 6 Civilians. The Groom is Romeo and wins with the Mafia (Montagues) while the Bride is Juliet and wins with the Rival Mafia (Capulets). If either Romeo or Juliet die, the other dies instantly of a broken heart. Have Romeo wake up the first night with the Montagues so they know who he is and have Juliet wake up the first night with the Capulets so they know who she is. 


Zombie Apocalypse: It's the not to distant future and zombies have taken over the Earth. The only civilization left is handful of small settlements. Up until now, you have been safe in your fortified city. But now the infection has made it's way inside! Play with: 2 Zombies, 4 Infected, Scientist, Zombie Hunter, 5 Civilians. Try to stop the deadly zombies before they take over your settlement.


Sleepy Hollow: There's something strange going on in the town of Sleepy Hollow. People are mysteriously dying. Play with: Serial Killer, Death, Miller, Insane, Detective, Curious Kid, Robber, 4 Civilians. The Detective is able to identify the Serial Killer if selected and the Miller appears as the Serial Killer if selected by the Detective. 


New Blackpool: The city of New Blackpool is overrun with organized crime. The mayor is cracking down and ready for an all out war. Play with: 5 Mafia, 2 Detectives, Interrogator, Undercover Cop, Vigilante, 4 Civilians

Circus Carnage: Evil doers have trapped an audience inside the circus. It's up to the circus performers and patrons to solve the deadly case and stop the murders before it's to late. Play with: 3 Mafia, Clown, Magician, Medium, Monkey, 6 Civilians.


Tombstone: Three notorious thieves are hiding out in the town of Tombstone and are wrecking havoc on the locals. One local has had enough and is taking the law into his own hands. Play with: 3 Mafia, Bartender, Vigilante, Jailer, Grandma with a Gun, 7 Civilians

All in the Family: The Mob has grown strong and it's up to the town's fearless civilians to stop them. Play with: Godfather, Mafia, Mob Wife, Made Man, 14 Civilians


The Story of Aladdin: Aladdin and the princess need the help of their magical friends to stop the evil sorcerer and his minions. Play with: Godfather, 2 Mafia, Bride, Groom, Genie, Monkey, 8 Civilians. The Groom and bride are Aladdin and the princess. The evil sorcerer is the Godfather. 

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